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Image / Style AND Mothers…

“I’m too busy with kids, I’m too bored and tired, Nothing looks good on me after my delivery”…these are the common phrases that we keep hearing all the time from the wonderful mothers around us.. I’ve even seen mothers who feel guilty for taking care of themselves!

Having a good body image is extremely important for moms. It boosts self-image and self-esteem. When moms have a good body image it reflects in their actions. It makes them more confident and happy. Happy mothers raise happy kids. Think about it! If a mom keeps complaining of her body and looks in front of her daughter what kind of a message is she passing on to her child? The same words will be repeated out of that child’s mouth in the future when she becomes a teenager. If a mother feels and acts confident it automatically sends out a positive image and the children will reflect the same positivity and confidence when they grow up.

Now the question that might linger on the minds of many moms is that all the above makes sense but no matter how hard I try, nothing looks good on me after delivery, what should I do? The main reason for this is not accepting the body as it is at the present moment. Yes, we all have to work out to keep a healthy body and healthy lifestyle. But at the same time we also have to accept that our body changes with age and motherhood. Here are few styling tips for all the lovely mothers out there:

Accept the changes in your body:

The common mistake that many women do is trying to squeeze into pre-pregnancy clothes and complaining about not able to fit into them. Another problem is even after losing all the pregnancy weight and reaching the pre-pregnancy weight some clothes might not fit the same way they used to. That’s because of the changes that happen in our body. So the main trick is to find clothes that suit your body type. Neither a size zero person always looks good in everything they wear nor a plus size person look bad in anything they wear. It’s all in how you counter your body variations and look and feel attractive.

Go timeless:

Don’t always follow the trend when you choose clothes. Fill your wardrobe with classic, timeless clothing and very few trendy clothes just for the ‘wow’ factor. And also know your personal style. Just because a celebrity or a model wears a piece of clothing that might look stunning on them there’s no guaranty the same piece will fit everyone the same way. If you really like a piece that has been showcased feel free to make modifications to fit into your life style, your personal style and body shape.


Accessories add style quotient any given time. Wear Accessories and necklines that will suit your face shape. Scarves/stoles can transform any piece of clothing from boring to stunning. If you think your clothing is too plain then complement with heavy neckpiece or earrings. But remember, if your clothing has heavy patterns/designs then go easy on the jewellery. Moderation is the key here. Third layer is a versatile piece of clothing that can increase style quotient and also counter body variations.

Personal Care:

Take care of your skin and hair. If you have good hair and skin half of your work is done for you. It’s not hard to make your own skin and hair care products at home and with regular skin/hair care regime there’s no need to visit the parlour and pay a hefty price to expose your skin and hair to harsh chemicals. And also this takes care of the famous excuse among many moms who say “I’m too busy with kids and I don’t have time”. Smell good all the time. Smelling good and pleasant definitely uplifts the mood and increases confidence.


Stand tall and ooze out confidence in the way you walk and talk. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say good things about you, be proud of who you are and make positive affirmation part of your daily routine. Your family and children will definitely be happy and proud of you for the way you carry yourself. And most importantly SMILE – It doesn’t cost a thing but can make someone’s day and spread positivity around.


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