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What is your skin type?

 Most of us know washing our face twice a day followed by toning and moisturizing is very important to have a healthy glow. But how many of us know what our skin type is? Before following any skin care regime or makeup routine we should be aware of our skin type. Wrong skin care regime do more harm than helping your skin. For example dry skin should be washed less often than oily skin.

But how to find out skin type??? Do you have to go to a cosmetologist to do this? Not really. There’s an easier way to do this. Wash your face with mild soap / face wash to get rid of any makeup but don’t be too harsh. Pat dry with a soft towel. Don’t apply any moisturizer and wait for one hour. After an hour dab your face with facial tissue.

1. Normal – If you don’t see any grease or dead skin on your tissue do the happy dance because you have the normal skin type. Your skin is very smooth, soft and healthy.

2. Oily – If you see grease on your tissue then you have oily skin.  Your skin is shiny with enlarged pores. Biggest drawback of oily is that it’s prone to acne. But on the brighter side this skin type doesn’t age fast and has very less wrinkles.

3. Dry – If you don’t see any traces of oil in your tissue then you have dry skin. If your face feels like as if it’s been pulled from all sides and stapled then you have extreme dry skin. If your skin is extremely dry you may even see dry flakes of dead skin on the tissue. This type of skin has tiny pores and usually not prone to acne. But prone to aging and wrinkles.

4. Combination – If the tissue has traces of oil from the famous T-Zone (nose and forehead area) and rest of the face feels either normal or dry then you have combination skin. You need to take extra care around the eyes which tend to be very dry.

5. Sensitive – This is the most problematic skin type. If your skin turns red, itchy and forms rashes when you use regular products then you have sensitive skin. Using natural products is the best choice for this skin type. If you choose commercial products then you have to be very careful with your choice.

Another way to find out your skin type is to just press the tissue on different areas of your face and leave it for some time. If your skin is dry then the tissue will fall off. If it’s oily it’ll stick to your face.

And finally for all the men out there…… Skin care is not only important for women. It’s for everyone.  Know your skin type and be careful about the products you choose for your face.


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