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You are ALWAYS good enough!

Body Image – It can make you or break you. Negative body image is the main culprit that’s obstructing the younger generation especially women from achieving their goals among all the other issues.

Globally accepted definition is “Body image refers to a person’s feelings of the aesthetics and sexual attractiveness of their own body that may be forced by others or popular media and magazines.”

At birth nobody is born with a body image. It usually forms around the adolescence. “Oh, She’s so cute and chubby!… Oh man! He’ so tall!!!…. you are so fair, wow! How come she’s not as fair as you? – Do these phrases sound familiar to you?

That’s when our sub conscious mind starts forming the body image for own selves and others. As we grow older it gets imprinted in our mind. As it is correctly stated in the definition media and social media plays a vital role in people’s mind.

Nowadays news about girls as young as 10 starving and becoming anorexic is not uncommon. The main reason behind this is that they want to look like their size 0 or 2 idol on media. What they don’t realize is that they are not looking at the real images but the photo shopped versions and also that plastic surgery plays an important role in the way those people look. I don’t deny that there might be exception to these cases. Some people are blessed with a great body. That’s where we need to think about body variations.

One should eat healthy but not to starve themselves by dieting. Regular exercise for good health is a must for anybody. But what we need to understand is that we are all not born with the perfect body and there are many shades of skin colors. So even after eating healthy and exercising regularly if one can’t achieve the so called ideal body shape and even after trying all the store bought so called ‘fairness creams’ which promises to make you many shades lighter overnight what one needs to understand is that we all have body variations and born with different colors.

And then who decides what is ideal? And how can someone’s or even bunch of people’s perception of ideal be relevant and practically acceptable to everybody?

There are many famous personalities who look stunning don’t have the ideal body shape. But they know how to counter it and work around it. Same with the skin color. They know how to look beautiful in their own skin. They know what suits them the best. So the one vital rule that the young generation should follow is that they should accept their body as it is and embrace it.

Think about it. If you have a bad body image it affects your self-image, self-esteem, self-confidence, ultimately self-competence. It affects the way you think and feel and act. Guess how people are going to react? That’s when the path to reaching your goal is going to lengthen.

You need to tune your mind to accept yourself and try to think positive to form a positive body image. In some cases, bringing in a positive body image is not very simple and easy. Acceptance of yourself is the key.

One simple trick that you can do is counter your body variation and choose the color that suits your personal color and stand in front of a full length mirror. Keep telling yourself how beautiful, smart and capable you are. You will see a beautiful image of yourself in the mirror. Do this at least for a month every single day. You will definitely see a difference in the way you look, feel, think and act. And you will also see how people are going to react to you.

And lastly remember, whatever the popular idea of beauty may suggest, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

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